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Perth Home Additions

Looking to add value and space to your home? 

If your space is getting a little too cramped, then it might be time to look at adding to your home. Peter has many years of experience extending and adding to Perth homes. Make your space less cramped and help give your house so much more value.

Types of additions are most common:

  • Bump it out - This is ideal for small renovations and adding space to ground floor buildings if you have the space to expand out.
  • Full Additions - Adding full rooms to your property, such as a new bedroom or a full dining or living room. 
  • Remodels - Redesigning parts of your home, and giving you not just more space but a whole new feel.
  • Sunrooms - Beautiful windowed room designed to let you enjoy the weather.
  • Room Conversions - If you have a room and or unused space, such as an attic or garage, you can convert it into useful space.
  • Open plan living areas- Home life is changing and the style is to have open living areas to bring the family together.
  • Outdoor areas - From creating a patio and outdoor area to beautiful outdoor kitchens it doesn't matter your dream we can make it happen.

Design consultation only includes the general sketch for any changes or additions to that there is a cost of $495 to cover the hours needed to redraw. However, if you go with Peter for your renovation the price will be reducted from the final bill.

- Yes - We can draw up plans and get your plans approved through Council.